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Because the Hebrides lies at the extreme northwest of Scotland, people often wrongly assume that the weather is just as extreme. Hopefully after you have read this matter of fact précis, the weather will be one of the reasons that you want to come to the Hebrides. You’ll rarely need a bikini here, but you won’t need a Russian hat either.

Ten Great Things About the Hebridean Climate


In midsummer there are barely two hours of darkness: just think, your holiday will seem twice as long as aMediterranean holiday where it’s dark by 9pm! All those extra hours to fill with adventure and relaxation!


Summer weather is warm but fresh: We don’t suffer the oppressive heat found in cities and in the south: while daily maximum summer temperatures inLondon frequently exceed30°C, we nestle around a comfortable 16 -20°C. Perfect temperatures for all sorts of outdoor activities.


A warm winter destination: (byUK standards!) despite being1300 kilometres north ofLondon, our mean minimum temperatures are about the same. Snow or sleet falls on no more than 30 days per year and rarely lies: the ocean surrounding us warms the air and our mean minimum temperature in winter is well above freezing.


Loads of sunshine: with nearly as many sunshine hours asLondon, our hundreds of long, white sandy beaches sparkle and outshine tropical shores. Our beaches are uncrowded, stunningly beautiful and perfectly clean: five metre tides naturally wash the sands twice every single day!


The sea is warm: in summer sea temperature averages out at13°C, in winter it gets no lower than9°C. Perfect for water sports: the Californians at last year’s Hebridean International Surfing Competition said the water was just as warm as at home!


Amazing sky: when you look around in theHebrides, ¼ of what you see is land, the rest is sky. Our wide, low horizons give undisturbed views over miles of land and sea, with amazing sunsets and sunrises – psychedelic skies!


We don’t get foggy: although we are surrounded by the ocean, fog is expected on only one or two days per year.


The power of nature: Windy weather is beautiful: in December and January the mean monthly wind speeds are 16 knots (18 mph) and storms are not uncommon. This creates the most spectacular and exciting views: imagine the power and sight of30 foot waves crashing over20 foot cliffs. If you want to see the dramatic side of the islands and be in awe of the magnificence of nature, come to theHebrides in the winter. You won’t be disappointed: if it’s not stormy, you’ll be treated to beautiful islands bathed in the calm, still light of crisp, fresh winter weather


The aurora borealis: With a bit of care in timing your holiday, you have a good chance of experiencing one of the world’s most magnificent natural phenomena: the Northern Lights. The Hebridean night sky dancing with red, yellow, green, blue and violet streamers, arcs and rays. If you don’t see the Northern Lights, then at least you’ll see the stars – many, many more than you’ll see from anywhere less remote. The longer you look up, the more stars will appear!


The islands look different every day: the weather plays on the landscape – what one day looks mysterious and foreboding, the next can embody peaceful, tranquil natural beauty. In rain, hail, storms, or basking sunshine, theHebrides hold a splendid beauty, and to really appreciate that beauty, you need to see the islands standing proud against all weathers in all seasons.


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