Do NOT read this blog if u don´t like men in kilt or have no sens of humor

Day seven

Oh what a place this is!! Not only is the island all spectacular,  the people are just amazing too, friendly and hospitable that I almost feel like I´m royal or something. Woke up with the smell of fresh coffee and before I even knew it there were breakfast on the table.
Well that it is not why I came to the island to get pampered but it sure was great and I could easily get use to that.  As my friend said; It´s the Scottish way you see.

Stornoway is a small harbor town on Isle of Lewis. Its gorgeous and picturesq with all the different colored houses and tiny streets and tiny stores.  Its really fun walking into them be course you never know what to find. Picture this… you looking for a memory-card in a camera shop and while you at it you can also by wedding outfits to a decent price or a swiss watch for your spouse. Or why not get your hair done while you waiting for your medicine-recipe. I think its a splendid idea!

Later that day David drove us to the opposite side of Lewis and to a place called Callanish.

Have you heard about Callanish Stones? Well you should coz they are actually older than Stonehenge. Much older. The stone circle were built shortly after 3000 BC, with a burial chamber added to the center a few generations later. It was interesting how the stones actually were put. In this picture are really five people and a dog but they are not visible when they disappeared behind the pillars at the same time without me asking for it.

A local legend relates how the stone ring of Callanish was found many hundreds of years ago by a farmer looking for large rocks to build a wall. Wandering across the desolate wind-swept moors of the Isle of Lewis, the farmer came upon a single large stone jutting from the ground. With the intention of removing the stone, the farmer began to dig for its base. As he dug deeper into the earth, other stones began to appear until finally he had brought to light the ancient ring of Callanish. Whether or not this popular legend is true, they do know that the stones of Callanish were indeed slowly covered by peat moss during the many thousands of years since the site was abandoned.

Later that evening we went to an another beach that was just as spectacular as the first one. All though it was getting dark the water was still turquoise and the light was great for photography.

Thank you David for an amazing day on the Hebrides!


One response

  1. Syssy M Jaktman

    Lovely photos, and a delightful trip to follow Marie.
    Think you must have felt your stay in Scotland as “The Paradise”

    August 27, 2012 at 9:35 am

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