Do NOT read this blog if u don´t like men in kilt or have no sens of humor

Day one…

At 1am I started the trip from home and headed for the airport Arlanda, Stockholm Sweden.
It was a nice drive who toke about 2 hours and everything went smooth. At the airport I checked in my luggage and finely I was on my way to Scotland. I did have to go by London Heathrow but that would not be a problem right?

Anyone who´s been on Heathrow knows its huge and if that was not enough I had manage to plan my trip right in the beginning of the Summer Olympics!  It was a complete chaos. People everywhere and for a woman like me who rather spend time alone in the woods it was absolutely mad. Top of that they send me to the wrong gate so I almost missed the flight but I found out in the last minute and ran like crazy through the hallways and got to the gate just when I was suppose to go aboard.

I landed in Edinburgh around 3pm and I was so excited to have finely made it.
Went to pic up my luggage and waited for it to roll in on the carousel… waited…. waited…. and waited…. for nothing…

Of course it was lost!!!
Ok…. I´we been through worse so I went to the lost baggage thing and told them about my problem. They tracked it down and found out that my luggage was still on Heathrow…. But they were gonna send it on next flight. Ok good….

I did catch the bus to Edinburgh and tried to find the B&B that was booked.
Well… What I didn´t know was that there´s London Street and London Road.  After walking back and forth… up and down I stopped a taxi. I told the driver to take me to 30 London Street and he looked at me and asked Are u sure? I said Yes please and of we went…. around the corner…. Here it is mam´.  It cost me a whole pound :))

I opened the door to my room…. it was just like I´d imagine.

Even though I smiled a little about my princess bed I was glad that I´d finely arrived.
Now I needed to sort things out.

First I need a phone…. I went to a store and bought a sim-card and £10 of credit. That was easy I thought and all I needed to do was to load it… Well..I´m quit good at technical things but this put me on a spot.
Have u ever tried to listen to a woman who speaks with a scottish accent too fast with too much information and too many options? And in the middle of that lots of advertising?

Now I was getting frustrated. I was hungry, tired, had no clothes to change into. And I didn´t manage to get the phone to work….

I toke my non working phone and went out to see if I could find a pub or so to at least get something to eat.  Around the corner I found this small place and I ordered a hot sandwich with mozzarella, tomato and ham. It was lovely!!! And the beer was even better!
I also asked the bartender if she could perhaps help me with the phone….

It toke 4 scotsmen to finally get the darn thing to work. Even they though it was indescribably difficult to understand what the phone lady continued babbling about. So my advice to the UK Vodafone is to do something about it. If your citizens find it hard to understand, how in the world is a non-English speaking person suppose understand what you say??

I finely got a hold of my friend David and could tell him that I had arrived safe but I needed his help to find out about my lost luggage.
I realized that I was not only without my clothes… the batteries for my cameras was in there and so was my medicine…. ok…. this was going to be a struggle I knew that for a fact.


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