Do NOT read this blog if u don´t like men in kilt or have no sens of humor

Anxiety vs excitement

I´m sure that almost everyone knows how hard it is to pack you suitcase when you´r going to a country you never been to and don´t know what the weather is like. You know that it can rain a lot but at the same time it has been the worst drought ever on the island witch put you in a spot when it comes to choosing what clothes to bring with you.  Do you pack for hot summer days or cold windy rainstorms or both with risk bringing too many stuff that you´r not gonna wear but still have to carry around.


Anyway… times fly and soon I´ll be standing at the Arlanda airport heading for Edinburgh.

Cant almost believe that I´m actually going! It seems so unreal that  the trip I´ve been waiting for so long finally is take place.

Oh and by the way….

When you scotsmen are waiting for my arrival at the airport  I expect you to wear your kilts.   Ok? Great!!!


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