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Hebrides News

Olympic flame “goes out”   11/6/12

Olympic officials had to race back to Stornoway after the Olympic flame went out while making an early morning appearance at the Callanish Stones on Lewis today.

Two lanterns carrying flames from the mother torch blew out just as the Callanish event was commencing at the 4.22am sunrise.

Though the clouds in overcast eastern sky glowed a shade of pink the Olympic torch failed to blaze.

A back up flame was also extinguished resulting in a panic drive back to relight the torch from the mother flame in Stornoway.

Over 100 people had gathered in the chilly breeze at the megaliths but numbers fell away due to the delay.

Those who stayed were rewarded with Kirsty Wade making four laps – double than planned – with the torch around the stone circle.

Anna Fraser – wearing a specially designed gold coloured Harris Tweed outfit depicting the emblem colours of the 2012 Games – played the bagpipes during the event.

She had the added bonus of being kept cosy by the famous textile in the cold wind. Anna said: “It was a great honour to play here today. I was warm though my hands were getting a bit cold to play the pipes.”


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