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Out of beer?

I read this article from the Hebrides News Magazine the other day…

Western Isles pubs could be left without beer as suppliers threaten to restrict deliveries in the light of huge 50% rises in ferry fares it is feared. Stornoway hotelier Shonnie Macritichie warned that the shock 50% hike in freight ferry fares means suppliers are considering axing weekly deliveries and use the ferry less. Mr Macritchie who owns the County Hotel in Stornoway highlights one mainland supplier for a well known brand of beer may not always reach the parts it should if it carries out its threat to use the ferry less. He says any lack of weekly deliveries risks the hotel running out of beer before fresh loads are delivered to the island. Mr Macritchie warns other suppliers may have the same reaction to the haulage hikes and only deliver fortnightly or monthly as well as impose a high minimum order. This could affect food supplies leaving some shop shelves empty or cause problems for the availability of medicines and health items, he fears.

So …. does it mean that I have to bring my own beer?



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  1. There will always bee BrewDog…

    July 14, 2012 at 8:31 am

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