Do NOT read this blog if u don´t like men in kilt or have no sens of humor

Times goes slowly … or does it?

Some days seems to go very slow while others in a furious speed. It is the 18ht of mars and the countdown is on.

I’m already making preparations for what I need to bring on the trip. I have to think realistic and include only what it is require, perhaps rather buy things there if necessary. Got a feeling I’ve to pay a fee anyway because the luggage to heavy. Only my camera equipment and tent weigh almost 20kg / 45Lbs. Oh well… that’s a miner problem.
The thing is to figure out what clothes to bring. The weather can change from a hot sunny day to a rainstorm in minutes. I know I need high-quality wear of some sort. I’ve been told to bring my wellies too so I’ll consider that but they weigh a lot.
I also need some nicer outfits nevertheless we are going to some pubs and restaurants for a bite to eat. I don’t want to look like I came right out of the bush all though I might just did.


When we arrive in Edinburgh there will be a festival and that I’m really looking forward to. There is a lot things we ladies planning to see and do so it’s going to be a hectic time but well worth it we believe. And what can bee better to finish of or last day in the town and go and see the Military Tattoo! I tell ya… lots of men in kilt. Yyyyeeeepppiiieee !

We ladies will travel together up to the Isle of Harris but then we choose to split for a few days. Since I’m interested in wildlife, birds and photography I will continue south to the Western Isles and Uist. Hopefully I will get to see some remarkable surroundings in the land of the Lord of the Rings.


The story will continue…



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  1. Orvar

    Hi Marie,
    Your story remind me of a fun episode when we travelled on mc in Scotland a few years ago. We arrived to a distillery, wich I found rather boring, we had already visited quiet a few. But this was a very big one. Outside the barn stood a goodlooking man in kilt and said hello to people. I said to a woman in our team,”Shall we ask him if he is wearing undies?” She said in a very angry voice: “No way, I’m very conservative and do not ask such questions”. At the same time the man turned around and said, “Nej , jag har på mig kalsonger”. We burst out lauging. He was married to a Swedish woman and had leraned our language. We ha d a good laugh.

    Have a good Day Marie<3

    March 26, 2012 at 10:28 am

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