Do NOT read this blog if u don´t like men in kilt or have no sens of humor


It was Saturday at 1 pm when I picked up Maggie and drove home to Mia for a girls night.  We wanted to take the opportunity to talk some more and make serious planes for the trip to Scotland before Maggie would fly back home to Austria. We also have some crazy ideas that we might do when we arrive and there needed to be fine-tuned.

It became a absolutely wonderful evening with a lot of laughter but also a few tears.  We talked a lot about how important this trip is for all of us and that it will somehow change our life for the positive. No doubt about it.   We had a long deep conversations interspersed with cheerful words and humorous stories. Watching men in kilt on you tube, and listened to bagpipes. We sang out load and God knows we can sing and I think the neighbours probably knows too.



// Marie



One response

  1. It sounds like yoy’re having a great time planning the trip of your lifes.
    It’s fun to join you here on your blogg.
    Have a good day All Three of You!

    February 20, 2012 at 6:13 am

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