Do NOT read this blog if u don´t like men in kilt or have no sens of humor

First meeting

Unbelievable really that Maggie and I have never met in real life. We have chatted a long time on Fb and got along very well and also have the same wacky sense of humor. Maggie lives in Austria sens thirty years but are now back  home in good old Sweden for a visit.

Yesterday we finely met all three of us in Maggies place and had a wonderful evening with much laughter that we almost wet our pants.

We share the same of interest in photography, hate shopping (yes!) and likes to explore life in general. Independent women and stand with all our feet on the ground and don’t mind getting dirty under our fingernails.

We had lots to talk about and realized that we all had the same eager to get away and perhaps get  new perspectives in our life.  Maybe even make some big changes or sort things out that needs to be sorted.

This expedition will not only be a trip to a beautiful country, its gonna be a life changing  journey.

Mia (to the left) has taken the great responsibility of planning the entire trip and we’re really happy about. To many cooks in the kitchen as they say.




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