Do NOT read this blog if u don´t like men in kilt or have no sens of humor


Day seven

Oh what a place this is!! Not only is the island all spectacular,  the people are just amazing too, friendly and hospitable that I almost feel like I´m royal or something. Woke up with the smell of fresh coffee and before I even knew it there were breakfast on the table.
Well that it is not why I came to the island to get pampered but it sure was great and I could easily get use to that.  As my friend said; It´s the Scottish way you see.

Stornoway is a small harbor town on Isle of Lewis. Its gorgeous and picturesq with all the different colored houses and tiny streets and tiny stores.  Its really fun walking into them be course you never know what to find. Picture this… you looking for a memory-card in a camera shop and while you at it you can also by wedding outfits to a decent price or a swiss watch for your spouse. Or why not get your hair done while you waiting for your medicine-recipe. I think its a splendid idea!

Later that day David drove us to the opposite side of Lewis and to a place called Callanish.

Have you heard about Callanish Stones? Well you should coz they are actually older than Stonehenge. Much older. The stone circle were built shortly after 3000 BC, with a burial chamber added to the center a few generations later. It was interesting how the stones actually were put. In this picture are really five people and a dog but they are not visible when they disappeared behind the pillars at the same time without me asking for it.

A local legend relates how the stone ring of Callanish was found many hundreds of years ago by a farmer looking for large rocks to build a wall. Wandering across the desolate wind-swept moors of the Isle of Lewis, the farmer came upon a single large stone jutting from the ground. With the intention of removing the stone, the farmer began to dig for its base. As he dug deeper into the earth, other stones began to appear until finally he had brought to light the ancient ring of Callanish. Whether or not this popular legend is true, they do know that the stones of Callanish were indeed slowly covered by peat moss during the many thousands of years since the site was abandoned.

Later that evening we went to an another beach that was just as spectacular as the first one. All though it was getting dark the water was still turquoise and the light was great for photography.

Thank you David for an amazing day on the Hebrides!


Day six

To catch the ferry that was booked we had to leave at 4:30am and once again it was a race against time. Unfortunately I cant say I was happy about it though I prefer enjoy my trips where I’d rather take it easy and avoid stress of any kind. But we had to go and that in a hurry.

It was still dark when we toke of but slowly it began to daybreak and I was even more and more stunned of the scenery. We were now up in the Highlands and I was lost for words really.

We did stop at the Eilean Donan castle for a few minutes and that was also a big mistake not having enough time to spend there. I did get some pictures but I could easily have stayed longer. Ok.. the castle is probably one of Scotlands most photographed but still… It was an exceptional place to see.

With the Scottish flag blowing in the wind we once again hit the road this time with the destination Uig.

We got there  and we didn´t have to wait long to go om board on the ferry.

I felt calmness rushing through my veins watching the mainland getting smaller and smaller in the horizon. The wind was blowing in my hair and the sun was shining on my face. In a matter of moments I would for the first take my first steps on the Isle of Harris. The final destination of my trip. I was so exited and I was counting every minute.

All kinds of birds was sailing along with the boat. This is a Fulmar but there were others like northern gannets and of course lots of sea gals too. 

Just before we where about to arrive in Tarbert this loud aircraft passed right on top of our heads and almost scared the hell out of us all. They came fast and we didn´t se or hear them until they were directly above us. An interesting welcome I´d say…

Finally we where arriving at Harris. I went down the stairs to go back to the the car but…. didn´t we par there? Or was it on the other side? I walked around but no… Walked back again to see if I´ve missed it somehow and I was starting to wonder if I had lost it totally but no… there was no car. What in the world??? I got back to the stairs and there I happened to overhear other people also looking for their cars and someone answered that it was not to worry…. it was two levels on the ferry and the first one they had hoisted up into the roof to fit more cars in.
Oh thanks a lot! I was getting really confused about it so I was very pleased to hear this news.

It toke ages to get off the boat I thought but we did and we drove to this parking lot and stopped. Our friend David who was suppose to meet us had not arrived yet so I called him up and asked if he was on his way witch he was.
It was great to finally meet him in person and we felt that this was going to be a very pleasant stay for all of us.

At Davids house we met his mom Norma witch was the sweetest lady with a lovely and broad scottish accent and also their two collie dogs Fleece and Fly.
I knew for sure I was gonna have a wonderful time on the Hebrides.

View from Davids house.

In the afternoon David toke us to the beach and even if I had seen pictures of it earlier I was amazed how beautiful it really was. 

Who would have thought I was gonna see this in Scotland? Long white sandy beaches, blue sky and turquoise water?

Day five

Edinburgh is a lovely town no dough but for a non-city person like me I had enough and it was time to hit the road towards the Hebrides.

The trip went by Sterling and Fort William where we were gonna stay for the night. It sure was stunning views and the roads where getting smaller and smaller the farther north we drove.
Unfortunately we didn´t have enough time to stop and enjoy the scenery as much as I would have liked to but we did stopped at this wonderful place called Loch Lubnaig, Trossachs. 

It was so peaceful, so beautiful and the sun had just started to shine though the heavy rain clouds and the light was outstanding.

Scotland had it all. Deep forests, high mountains with valleys and lochs running through. 

No matter where I looked I was stunned. I wanted to stop everywhere and take photos. This was my type of melody and I loved it.  

We arrived at Fort William and where we stopped at this place to grab something to eat. Maggie and I ordered a burger and enjoyed every bite of it. Sorry Mc Donalds but you could not even compere to this tasty piece of meet.

When done we drove back a few miles to this lovely place we just had passed and parked the car for the night  and we did manage to put up the tent without a bigger hazard.  The midgets were quite bad but we didn´t care. We were in Scotland and we loved every minute of it.  Just before I closed my eyes I heard an ural owls subdued call witch was for me the ultimate experience of a wonderful day to end.

Day four


What the h_l???  Whats that f___ing load noise???  WWWWEEEEUUUUU WWWWEEEEEUUUUU WWWWEEEEEUUUUUU ….

Oh ok… its only the hotel owner who´s making bacon for breakfast…. great…
Oh well…  I guess it was time  to get out of bed anyway…

So far this trip it had been an interesting experience of all kind so when I realized the fire alarm went off I laughed out load. Why not? It just had to be? Right? Right!

It was the last day in Edinburgh and I was gonna take the day as it come. Take a nice stroll and see what the city had to offer that day. I threw the camera over my shoulder and went on an adventure.
It was hot and humid and the light was actually really bad for photography but hey… it wasn´t raining! Again a walked up on Princess Street and toke a turn up towards the Royal Mile and the castle. I wanted other pictures then the usual that everyone ells toke. I wanted forgotten walkways, hidden arches and dark alleys. Places from the past and where I could feel the long history talk to me.
I also wanted pictures of people and perhaps not the ordinary that associated with Scotland. I was looking for more of today people in the  historic environment. Odd and a little strange maybe.

Anyway… whatever came in my way that I liked and suited my wishes.

You could not ignore this stores course they where everywhere!

I kind a liked them actually and they had all the things a tourist wanted and more. The piper music was blasting out of the speakers so you could not miss that you where in Scotland.

I did find my people that I was looking for. This girl I think had rubber bands in her body. She twisted and turned her arms and legs in this positions that you and I could not believe existed.
It almost hurt just watching her but she was very photogenic so I was happy.


In the corner beside her stood this gentlemen and looked all confused.

Yesh!!! I found my Scotsman!!! A haircut, shave and a shower perhaps…

I did find some backyards and dark alleys but it was hard to get photos without people in them. 

Look close on this stairs…. think of all the people who put their footprint on there and made the stones all worn.

I would´nt go here a late night….

Streets of Edinburgh

I just had to go visit Greyfriars Bobby who became known in 19th-century Edinburgh for spending 14 years guarding the grave of his owner, John Gray (Old Jock), until he died himself on 14 January 1872.


Military Tattoo

Saturday night it was time for the Edinburgh Military Tattoo show and I had really looking forward to see that.
I was hoping for a good time with lots of pipers and drummers, men in uniforms and kilts.

They started to walk in to the arena and it was load and powerful and it hit me right into my stomach. I recognize the tones they where playing and I was stamping along with my foot.

The show was nothing ells I´ve seen before. It was amazing!  It was not only drums and pipers,  it was a story being told. How Scotland become Scotland. Whiskey making and peat. Proud and patriotic people.
There were dancers and also other pipebands from other countries like Norway, Australia, Canada, South Africa and New Zealand 


The ones I really got impressed with was the Top Secret Drum Corps. What a show!!! They where absolutely great and I was stunned by how they did manage to be so tight. Excellent work guys!!!

I did have a wonderful time and lots of fun but what I did not expect was that the show actually was in the end very emotional. That I would sit there try to swallow the big lump in my throat while the speakers voice told us about all the men they lost in wars. And when the lonely piper who stood on top of the castle started to play I just cracked and big tiers was running down my cheeks.

You might not like piper music, you might not even like men in kilt but I can assure you that if you ever get a chance to see Military Tattoo you need to see it. It will get you and it will be a memory of your lifetime!

Thanks to all of the participants who made the Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2012 to a extraordinary experience for me and many others!!!


Day three

I realized that I forgotten the power cord to my pc at home so I needed to by a new one. That was to my surprise not a problem so now I could relax and enjoy my stay in Edinburgh.
My friend Maggie was arriving from Austria at 1pm so I decided to wait for her in the hotel. After she had unpacked her stuff we headed of to a place called Carlton Hill. It was a long way walk uphill but the view was stunning. You could see Edinburgh all around.

On top of the hill there was this monuments witch looked like we suddenly were in Rom, Italy. As I understand it was suppose to be a friendly gesture to the Romans and thats why they build this stone columns but they never finished it coz the lack of money.

Lots of tourists of course and they all enjoined them self….

one way or the other… 🙂

Day two

It was a struggle getting though the night without my medicine but I  manage to get a few hours of sleep and woke up just in time for breakfast and it was the best I had in a long time. The owner of the B&B was a lovely little man that reminded me of John Cleese except that he was half of his length.
He was very helpful and concerned about his guests and had a good sens of humor that made ​​my day for sure.

Still my luggage had not arrived and I was getting worried. I needed my medication though I really suffer bad from restless legs and if I dont get it I wont be able to sleep. And without sleep I cant function and I had now been out of medicine for 48 hours…

Yes it was an huge mistake of mine to put in the luggage but I though I had some in my smaller bag too but unfortunately, I had missed it some how.

Ok… lets not get this issue to become an obstacle for discovering Edinburgh so instead I went out for a walk. It was sunny and hot outside. Too hot if u ask me when all I had to wear was a black hoodie and jeans.

The first thing that struck me was the old and beautiful buildings!! It was like going back in time…  right into the medieval!  I do now understand why some authors get their inspiration  from. I was walking in a Harry Potter movie.

The Edinburgh festival had started this weekend too so it was people everywhere but I was enjoying it all and had a good time.

When I got back around 8pm I met the owner in the doorway who told me that my luggage had arrived and boy was I happy. Everything was still in there and I could finally get a good night sleep.